A little about myself

Judi Stevens

Store Owner

For over 15 years I have been homesteading on our farm in Tennessee. Through the years I have learned a lot about what it takes to survive off this beautiful land we live on- I think it's made me a better person and created an understanding within myself to never take things for granted and to hold onto those friendships that are so valuable. I have been told several times by family and friends that I can do anything if I set my mind to it and sometimes I've even surprised myself! After so many years of canning and food preserving for my family and my crafting I decided to try my hand at making bath and body products, and just like that I created Judes Bath & Body Products! A few friends and family members gave my products a try and really liked them! So here I am with a website and quite a few loyal members (that I've built friendships with along the way)

It's my hope that you really enjoy my products and that we can strike up a friendship as well!

Judi Stevens

BrYour pet shampoo is amazing!! Never have I ever seen my Buddy Ryans fur so fluffy, and soft. He has a lot of allergies, and is allergic to a lot of stuff. I have tried soo many different shampoos. I have spent sooo much money. This shampoo is a life saver. And my baby boy feels and looks soo much better. 😍😍

Bridget Quinlan

Toby LOVES his new shampoo and so does his mommy!!! Smells great and rinses right out! No residue. Thanks Judi!!

Lauri Brown
Sauk City , Wi

I have the "whipped sugar soap scrub, peach prosecco"

it is absolutely amazing. I dont buy products for my skin. i always used coconut vaseline when I have to.

Judi this product is amazing keep it on my favorite list please!!! I even used it on my face. (and you know me, I dont like anything touching my face lol)

thank you so much for creating this amazing product!!!!

Toni Gross

Maui is just so relaxed after her bath using your dog shampoo Judi and she smells sooo good!

Juliette Wagener